S20 drone agriculture spray race have 2 battery like DJi drone made in China


S20 drone agriculture spray race have 2 battery like DJi drone made in China

Fast detachable farm chemicals box and battery, compact body, light folding, FPV camera, dual GNSS positioning, etc

S20 Sprayer Drone

S20 is a professional sprayer drone solution, with an effective capacity of 21L, using a quick-release medicine box + battery, the fuselage can be foldable for easy transportation, FPV camera, dual GNSS positioning, etc., optional carrier for fertilization and sowing.





It can be used in a variety of crops


It could be widely used for precision agriculture field : waste land reclamation, land leveling, slopping land to terrace, water land leveling , as well as large area hydraulic engineering , air portcon struction and sports ground construction.

High Strength, Anti-fall, Large Flow, High Efficiency

The high-strength & all-carbon frame body fully improves the life cycle. 8 nozzle design, Sturdy and durable, not easy to damage, the maximum flow rate can reach 10L/Min

Equipped with exclusive agricultural plant protection App, accurate and convenient control

A user-friendly App software tailored for agricultural plant protection can provide arbitrary polygonal route planning for non-regular terrain, fully autonomous operation, and improve operational efficiency. It has a route memory function and can calculate the spray area, thus assisting the operator to more accurately control the dosage

Centimeter level RTK,Front and rear obstacle

Centimeter level RTK,Realize greater redundancy of course positioning control to ensure the accuracy of flight routes. Front and rear obstacle avoidance radar to escort safe driving.

10KM + image transmission distance

Using LORA technology and redundant algorithm to achieve a transmission distance of 10km on the basis of using 2.4GHz, 100mw transmission power


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Additional information

Medicine Box Volume


Empty Drone Weight

23.5kg(with battery)

Maximum Takeoff Weight


Power Battery


Full Load Hover Time

9 Minutes

Propeller Size


Effective Spray Pattern


Spray Flow


Work Efficiency

≥6.67 Hectare/hours