In June 16, 2021,a number of leaders from Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce and  Bureau of Commerce and Economic Development Zone Trade Development Bureau of Tianjin visiting SunNav Technology Co.,Ltd for an investigation.

Our general manager Andy Wang introduced the development of the company with products and service to those leaders:Zhou Xiaojian, director of the data center of the research institute of the Ministry of Commerce、Cao Jinli, Director of Institute of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Data Center, Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce、ZhouMi the Deputy Director of the Institute of Americas and Oceania, Ministry of Commerce、Song Siyuan, Associate Researcher of Data Center of Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce, Zhang Yang, Deputy Director of Service Trade Department of Tianjin Bureau of Commerce, Xu Zheng, Deputy Director of Trade Development Bureau of Tianjin Economic Development Zone,etc.Then the general manager also strengthen to introduce the application of Beidou precision positioning unmanned farm service trade during the domestic and international digital.

The director Zhou and his delegation and Manager Andy Wang  deeply discussed about our company’s promotion and application in the field of the technical service trade of Beidou unmanned farm in China,then they praised and affirmed the company’s contribution in promoting the application of Beidou satellite positioning agricultural service in the world.